Captured to delight.

On this page our
captured cafe culture

Great moments…

Meal pics, beverages, our seating,
cafe environment, street views,
historical rebuild & more.

Tasty Savoury..?

Our mouth-watering savoury pleasures.
Satisfy the weary stomach with
a hearty meal.
Captured to delight & not forget.

Sweet Tooth..?

Take a dive into the
dragonfly naughty experience.
Accommodated kindly in the
cafe naughty corner.

Not Just Your

Coffee to rev up the engine.
The tea between cricket.
Fresh juices to revitalise.
A spicy Chai beyond the classic.

Comfort Indoors.

From breakfast to lunch through to dinner.
We hope to acquaint you with…
Air-conditioned indoor comforts
away from the notable Northern Rivers Auzzie
soggy rain & sweltering sunshine.
+ Enclosed space warmth during the blowing in winter.

Outdoor Dining..

Comfortable spacious bench & table seating.

Away from air-con, natural lighting,
amongst the street ongoings
+ amidst the garden space,
& shaded.

We have future intentions of
building new weatherproofing
for this space, all in while keeping the
open & natural light conditions.

Consider indoor seating during rainy days
& to stay cool on the hot days.

Street Views..?

Take a sneak peek of our
locality & surroundings
located central to the
Lismore CBD.

Nearby you will find park-like seated settings
to escape the social hum buzz
of the cafe
or picnic on the grounds at the
local Quadrangle Art Gallery
a short skip from Dragonfly Cafe.

2022 Floods..

28th February 2022
Our Dragonfly Cafe was totally submerged
in flood water not leaving any space untouched.
The sight of Lismore was absolutely heart wrenching.

A turbulent few days in the life of Dragonfly Cafe,
Lismore & the Northern Rivers.
Fittingly labelled a national natural disaster
to say the least.

Lismore had its heart torn.
Only to be rebuilt by love, sacrifice & resilience,
the community immediately came together
to rise once again to new strengths.

Fast forward Dragonfly Cafe to today (Sept 2023),
you would almost never know it happened.
Such is the rebirth of our cafe rebuild.


Have a question?
Check out the FAQ's guide below
before you ask us.

Dietary needs ?

We hope to accommodate all your dietary needs as best as we can,
however as best as we try to have a meal or drink for every dietary need, some select meals may just not meet your requirements.

We are happy to customise a meal as best as we can.

We do ask that you inform us before orders or consumption of your special dietary requirements.

PLEASE!! We need to be informed of any allergies!

We offer & maybe more: gluten-free, celiac, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free & raw.


Sorry. Currently, we do not supply deliveries.

Event Catering? Unavailable Currently.

Currently, we do not cater for events.
Though feel free to enquire as in the near future
we may be open to such requests.

Currently, we serve takeaways & serve dine-in group bookings.

It helps us if you are to book ahead of time,
as then we are better guaranteed to meet any bulk orders

+ For group dine-ins we can reserve seating for your arrival if you are to phone & reserve ahead of arrival.

WiFi? Internet?

We NOW offer in-house Dragonfly internet WiFi connectivity.
If you need our WiFi just ask our friendly staff to help you connect.

Powerpoints, USB charging?

Need to charge a laptop?
We NOW have powerpoints located inside beside your indoor dining experience.

Need to charge your phone or tablet?
We NOW also have USB charging ports located alongside the available powerpoints inside for your added convenience

Air conditioning, heating?

We NOW have indoor air-conditioning for your relief from
them hot steamy summer days.

ALSO we have heating for those cold brisk winter mornings.

For your added experience! We hope you ENJOY!

Gifting a loved one? Vouchers?

We have gift vouchers available!
Give your friend or loved one the gift of dining in or taking away with Dragonfly Cafe.

Buy a pre-paid gift voucher for that special someone.

All orders can be purchased with vouchers to the
matching value of the gift voucher.

Lismore floods 2022?

Having undergone a major refurbishment to the cafe.
The NEW & improved cafe experience awaits your exploration!!

THE STORY IN BRIEF: We were inundated floor to ceiling by floodwaters during a historic period & testing times in Lismore flood history, we were deeply knocked back & saddened not only by Dragonfly's destruction but by also our neighbours, friends, family, and colleagues' losses during what has been a state & federal declared natural disaster.


We are running to full operations! Serving a broad menu, with regular rotating surprises. Food, favourites, coffee & beverages.

By all means, drop by, grab a meal & a coffee, dine in or takeaway, WE ARE OPEN!

Are we Covid-19 Safe ?

visitors to sign in and present a vaccination ID

Please do not sit at a table that has not yet
been cleaned & sanitised by our staff.

Thank you for your efforts & for being mindful of others.


Enquiries? Book a seat?

Keep in mind this is our email.
correspondence is needed then please,

Ph: 0466458112

Thankyou Lismore..!!

We would like to whole heartedly
thank the loving & giving
Lismore community.

Many thanks for coming together &
making Lismore what it is, through
the tough & good..!!

Dragonfly Cafe Lismore

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